Tips You Should Not Miss From Your Immunologist

Tips You Should Not Miss From Your Immunologist

“It is a self-destructive disease and effective medications for this infection have not been scientifically proven. If we use antiviral drugs we risk having side effects, so far there are no effective medications, the immune system itself reacts to self harm.” .

It is expected that the number will increase, not an exponential increase. Some of the sick will have to be hospitalized, and some will be discharged. We have to wait patiently until we have this expectation, there will be a moment for maximum growth, and there will be a moment when we will have to wait for the number to drop. Hopefully we’ll have this reduction in a month, it’s my opinion but it’s unpredictable.

We need to know two familiar things. This is a virus unknown to the immune system of the whole human population, different populations react in different ways, how the Chinese react, the Italians do not expect the Albanians to react as well. We do not know how the Albanian population will go, it will only be understood at the end of the epidemic.

Those who pass it have stable immunity and do not get sick anymore. More than half have no signs of illness, they are healthy, it is good to build immunity and they do not get sick but there is a risk of spreading it to people who get sick. 30% may have mild symptoms, and only 15% have symptoms requiring bed rest. In severe cases we need hospital help. Awareness is needed to understand these degrees of illness.

It is a self-destructive disease and effective medications for this infection have not been scientifically proven. If we use antiviral drugs we risk having side effects, we need to be careful there is no need for people to take medications because there are no effective drugs so far, the immune system itself reacts to self-harm. We need to know that the immune system is efficient.

People who are more vulnerable over 60 and the age increases as the vulnerability and risk become high. Risk factors are heart disease, elevated blood pressure, protruding lung problems, those with diabetes, and those receiving cancer treatment and those taking cortisone. It is a contingent of chronic diseases that are most at risk. We have to keep them absolutely, keep them isolated even at home. Stay away from other family members who may go abroad for various reasons.

For the immune system to function requires balanced nutrition, and the elimination of stress and panic, which decrease immunity, and reduce the response appropriately to the virus.

It is a well-known fact throughout the medical literature that children are easily affected, passing it as a common flu and without any complications, up to under 15 years of age. If a fever arises do not take the pediatrician and the ambulance to self treatment. give her liquids, if she’s above 38 degrees, give her paracetamol, good nutrition, bedtime, and everything will go well.

Vitamin C is worth it if we start to feel the signs of the disease, if we take vitamin C at a dose of half a gram up to 1 gram for a few days it will somehow alleviate the disease, but it is unknown what action it has on this new virus. There is no reason to take other vitamins because we have enough levels if we eat well.

It would be good to get protein rich foods at the moment to produce antibodies, such as meat.

Garlic and onions are more folklore than scientifically based facts, “said the immunologist

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  • “Young children are not infected and do not transmit the virus,” he said. “They just don’t have the receptors to catch the disease.”

    Vivien Chikogu Ameso May 22, 2020 5:37 pm Reply

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