How to take care of dental health in conditions of self-isolation?

How to take care of dental health in conditions of self-isolation?

With dental clinics closed, it is important to take good care of oral hygiene, as the mouth is the bridge between the different bacteria and our body.

The closure of dental clinics was a must because in this case dentists are the most vulnerable. I will dwell on two aspects, in terms of mouth and what I see in the markets on the instruments we use. Toothbrushing should add to your mouth disinfectants. You have to choose those that reduce the number of bacteria in your mouth, but not more than 10 days, as we can kill good germs as well. We should use it after washing our teeth. After 10 days we can return to our natural disinfectants. The first is vinegar. She tops the list.

“After 20 minutes of using gloves we allow bacteria to penetrate our hands but leave them on our hands all the time we hold them in our hands. You just have to wash your hands. Even for masks, they are a filter, they collect germs, imagine a car filter “. says the dentist.

Care of the teeth is important, as they can become the pathway that transmits the virus into the body.

“The glands below the tongue have a very rapid absorption, so the lower the level of germs in the mouth, the better it is. The moment we send the virus into the mouth, it’s very easy to end up in our bodies,” says the dentist. .

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