COVID-19 Turns Patient Cells into “Virus Factories”

COVID-19 Turns Patient Cells into "Virus Factories"

According to experts when COVID-19 attacks, it turns the patient’s cell into a “virus factory”. It starts with the surface of the cell, where the virus attaches to a protein that normally helps regulate a patient’s blood pressure.

Unwillingly, the cell installs the virus inside, where the “attacker” unloads its load and prompts it (the cell) to produce more viruses. The virus commands its cell’s mechanisms to replicate its genetic code, producing more viruses and spreading germs across the cell surface, leading to the infection of more cells.

Existing medicines in the pharmacy can act to strike different parts of this “machine”. Although they were not manufactured for the purpose of being used as antiviral drugs, in an attempt to treat the growing number of infections with COVID-19, scientists hope that these drugs can provide help.

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