Apple brings glasses for $ 499

Apple brings glasses for $ 499

The American company plans to release its first Apple Glass glasses.

According to the information, the glasses will be called Apple Glass and are expected to have a price of 499 dollars.

According to blogger Jon Prosser, the Apple Glass comes with an integrated sensor.

The blogger claims to have already seen a video of the prototype showing the glasses with a plastic frame.

However, the material may still change, especially since the product will certainly not be available until the end of 2021, reports Global Press.

If Prosser is right about this news circulating on the internet, Apple definitely has an internal problem.

This is because unlike many other technology bloggers, who often get their information from Asian suppliers, the details published by the blogger must come directly from the group.

Recently, Prosser had released all the technical data and all the prices for the planned iPhone 12 models.

In the past, most of the information from this blogger had been accurate.// Global Press

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